“Cherelle has done a great job leading in staff development and takes initiative to improve and enhance our staff’s teaching strategies. It’s great to work with and learn from a true leader who implements best practices each day to meet the needs of her students. She is a gifted teacher and one of the very best math teachers I have ever observed!”
— Principal Hillary Meeler

“At the age of three, my daughter can identify the letters of the alphabet, understand their sounds, and can recognize some sight words. She also loves story time and can explain the storyline upon completion of the book. I accredit most of this growth and development to Cherelle Jones working with her since she was four months old. It is such a blessing to have a teacher by profession who understands the fundamentals needed for your child to excel in academics, and who works to create fun lessons to ensure they meet those milestones. Often times, my daughter is having such a great time she doesn’t even recognize she is learning. I definitely recommend that parents take advantage of POWER’s programming. It’s one of the best gifts I could have ever given my daughter. Thanks Cherelle.”
— Jewanna Gaither

“P.O.W.E.R. Academic Strength and Conditioning is one of the best decisions I have made as a parent for my little learner and one of the best gifts I’ve given my daughter. It is aiding her in reaching her full potential with personalized learning! #ScholarTutoring”
— Donisha Johnson

“The kids are happy with the packets! Can’t wait to order again. The way you break it down for them makes it easy to learn, and I really appreciate it. Thanks again.”
— Jhavon Mitchell

“Jace looks forward to your weekly sessions! He’s eager to learn and we have seen a HUGE change in his attitude at school. Thank you for boosting his confidence.”
— Mr. and Mrs. Cooper
“Have you ever had that one teacher in your life that made a huge difference for you? Well Ms. Jones is that one teacher for me. Ms Jones is not a “here’s your assignment turn it in to me at the end of class” kind of teacher. Ms. Jones makes learning a fun experience. She makes you want to learn. She takes the time to get to know each and every one of her students. When I first came to Ms. Jones I struggled a lot in math. Ms. Jones helped me boost my confidence in answering math word problems and solving problems in the general math standards. She taught me multiple methods in solving these problems, and she even made up little songs along the way. I still think of the silly songs and methods in class now three years after her class when I’m taking a test.”
— Sydney Parker
“Ms. Jones is an example of a true teacher. She teaches in a way that captures the attention of the students. She engages them in all areas of studies, especially history and math! My daughter had Ms. Jones in 5th grade and is now in 8th grade and STILL uses strategies taught by Ms. Jones. My daughter has thrived in middle school because she was prepared in elementary school by Ms. Jones. Current teachers have raved about her work habits and how well she’s done compared to many of her peers. I continue to seek her expertise and advice with my two younger children.”
— Jamie Parker