Subititze...Count with your Eyes

Subitizing is an essential math skill that your kids are likely already doing. To subitize is to recognize an amount without counting. The maximum number for perceptual subitizing (instantly recognizing a small group of items) is thought to be 5. Beyond 5, children and adults employ different mental strategies to figure out the total amount in a group. This is known as conceptual subitizing. According to The National Council of Teachers and Mathematics, one key part of effective subitizing is developing pattern recognition. This goes along with Standard for Mathematical Practice 7- Look for and make use of structure. Scholars can use subitizing as a springboard for unitizing and addition and subtraction.

Quick Flash

Quick flash is a great way to build the skill of perceptual and conceptual subitizing. In quick flash you quickly flash (3 seconds) a dot card and have your scholar tell you the amount. You can also ask them how they saw the amount. Check out the provided link to practice quick flash up to 5! Once your kiddo has mastered 0-5, begin to incorporate 6-10. And if you aren’t already doing so…subscribe to our YouTube channel!