5 Quick Reading Tips for Parents

A love for reading starts before your child is a reader! Here are a few tips to raise a reader!

1) Be enthusiastic! The more enthusiasm you display, the more your child will enjoy books. Practice your character voices, volume changes, and suspenseful tones!

2) Encourage participation. This is especially easy to encourage when there are repeated phrases. I love, love, LOVE books with phrases that repeat. It’s a great way to have a “choral reading” feel. If you have more than one child try giving a signal so they can repeat the phrase in unison.

3) Examine the illustrations closely. If you don’t do a picture walk you can still offer your child extended time to view the illustrations. Ask them questions about what they see. Ask them questions about what you read that’s shown in the illustrations. Talk about the connection between the pictures and the text.

4) Stop and answer questions your child may have. The questions your child has offers a peek into their brain. You can “see” how they are thinking based upon their questions. Let them ask away!

5) Use your finger to follow underneath each word as your read. A part of your child developing concepts of print is understanding that words convey a message. Demonstrate the text reads from left to right or top to bottom. Demonstrate the “return sweep” when you move to the text on the next line.

Cherelle McKnightComment