Parrot Reading

I’ve used a TON of successful reading strategies during guided reading as a classroom teacher. My favorite strategy to use in private tutoring is a strategy I named, “parrot reading.” This strategy is used in one-to-one instruction. I explain to the learner that parrot reading will take us twice as long because we will both read the entire passage. I also pair this strategy with the chunking strategy. First, I read a paragraph. I then have the learner to read the same paragraph. The focus is for the learner to act as a parrot and match my fluency, expression, pronunciation, etc.

What I like most about this strategy is it provides the opportunity for immediate feedback. I also like that many of the learners realize how much more they comprehend even though it took a little longer. We talk about this strategy, and it is my hope that learners will take their time in class and on exams when tasked with reading independently…even if it means reading through the material twice and pretending they have a parrot.

Cherelle McKnightComment