Summer Reading

Ahhhh! Children across the world (or at least the south…”the south got something to say…” are rejoicing. Their long-awaited summer break is here. And while that means we can turn off or adjust our alarm clocks. We canNOT stop reading. According to reading research presented by SCHOLASTIC, “Children who do not read in the summer can lose two to three months of reading skills. Children who do read tend to gain a month of reading proficiency.” While we focus on reading I believe we should get the most bang for our buck. So, I’ve listed a few books with math themes so your kiddo can continue to read AND sneak a little math in. Happy reading and happy summer vacation!

Books with addition themes

  • What’s New at the Zoo? An Animal Adding Adventure (Suzanne Slade)

  • One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab (April Sayre and Jeff Sayre)

  • Animals on Board (Stuart J. Murphy)

  • Domino Addition (Lynette Long)

Books with subtraction themes

  • If you were a Minus Sign (Trisha Speed Shaskan)

  • Elevator Magic (Stuart J. Murphy)

  • Subtraction Action (Loreen Leedy)

  • Shark Swimathon (Stuart J. Murphy)

Books with multiplication themes

  • Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream (Cindy Neuschwander)

  • The Best of Times (Greg Tang)

  • Multiplying Menace (Pam Calvert)

  • The Grapes of Math (Greg Tang)

Books with division themes

  • The Doorbell Rang (Pat Hutchins)

  • Divide and Ride (Stuart J. Murphy)

  • A Remainder of One (Elinor J. Pinczes)

  • One Hungry Cat (Joanne Rocklin)

Books with geometry themes

  • Shape Up (David A. Adler)

  • Hamster Champs (Stuart J. Murphy)

  • If you were a Quadrilateral (Molly Blaisdell)

  • What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras? (Julie Ellis)

Books with fraction themes

  • Whole-y Cow: Fractions are Fun (Taryn Souder)

  • Fraction Action (Loreen Leedy)

  • Piece = Part = Portion (Scott Gifford)

  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fractions Book (Jerry Pallotta)